Sexual Capacity Of Man

Years has impact on man’s life, and not just in a sexual way. Belief that men and women tended to lose their sexual power, just a big myth.

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The destructive myth that has nothing to do with the truth. Helen Kaplan, famous American sex therapist, believes that sexual potential and erotic pleasure disappear only when person dies. So, we can enjoy in our sexuality all our life. It is important to know how biology works on our functions and taking this into account, our expectations and our wishes should be adjusted to reality.

Certainly, such an adjustment does not mean that in a mature age we should stop enjoying our sexuality. We only needs to prepare for the changes, and to embrace changes when they follow. Changes must not cause uneasiness, fear, and anxiety. Sexual response and sexual capacity of men use to peak around 17 or 18 years of age. Women use to have peak in sexual performance in their late thirties and early forties. After the peak, both men and women slowly go to decreased sexual capacity and performance.

In men, important changes begin around the age of 40, and those changes may cause pleasure to their partners. Before their forties, males use to have very intense genital sensations, and when men enter their forties, they become more sensual and diffuse, which women generally like and this change use to give them more pleasure. Men in their forties gain better control over ejaculation and feel less pressure to ejaculate. This ability to prolong sexual intercourse use to make sex more satisfactory for both men and for their partners. Research on a sample of men aged 51 to 90 years show that men in this age need more time to achieve an erection and they need more direct stimulation of the penis.

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Erection can be achieved regularly, and the above does not affect the enjoyment of men and their partners in the sexual act. Men after 70 years of life use to get less firm erections, but the pressure inside penis and erection hardness remains sufficient for penetration into old age.


The Most Common Benefits Of Sex

We all know the most obvious reason for having sex. And although it is a good enough reason that doesn’t require much further persuasion, it is still interesting to learn about additional benefits of sex.
The healing power of sex used in treating a variety of neurological illnesses and depressions is based on the substances produced during orgasm called endorphins and serotonin. An endorphin is also known as the hormone of happiness and serotonin helps our body fight stress and controls the correct transmission of neural impulses in the brain.

So here are the most common benefits of having regular sex:

1. You sleep better after having sex. It has been scientifically proven that people who have sex regularly suffer less from insomnia due to endorphins that are produced after having an orgasm. They give you the feeling of happiness and peace, and relax your cells, which makes you sleepy.

2. You are more productive at work. Good sex contributes to feeling well throughout the whole work day. Your body receives the necessary amount of hormones, which keeps you in good shape. Endorphins make you feel calm and give you self-confidence while serotonin makes your brain think faster.VigRx CTA pic

3. Sex cleanses your whole body. When you have sex the blood is being pumped faster, your breathing becomes more frequent; your blood gets enriched with oxygen and “washes out” all the internal organs, including heart and liver. At the same time all the toxins are eliminated out of your body through the skin via sweat.

4. Sex strengthens your heart and blood vessels. If you have sex regularly, the level of your sexual hormones, testosterone in men and estrogen in women, is increased. Testosterone strengthens bones and muscle tissue and promotes heart function, while estrogen prevents heart illnesses in women. And of course having sex leads to increased blood flow which consequently strengthens the blood vessels.

5. Sex makes you slimmer. Usually during passionate sex we unconsciously perform physical exercises that we most likely would not be able to repeat in the gym. This keeps the muscles toned plus helps burn the calories, which on average amounts to 150-200 calories per sexual intercourse.

6. Sex improves the immune system. Serotonin helps immune system create protective cells. It also works as anti-depressant and helps renew the body tissues.

7. Sex cures headaches. The hormone called oxytocin is released during sex. It is mainly responsible for our orgasm and the production of endorphins, but also it can relieve spasms and pain provided that it is produced in large quantities.

So the next time your girl complains about a headache, don’t let that be her excuse not to have sex, but instead let her learn firsthand about the healing power of sex!

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10 Tricks For Longer Sex

vigrx-plus-officialMany men would like their sexual intercourse last longer because they want to be more intimate that way. If you are also among them and want to know how to prolong intercourse, we can help you with these 10 tricks.

1) Seduction is the secret spice for longer sex

Many couples who are in long term relationships like to schedule (announce) sex, which is a good tactic if you do not want to stay without sex any more. If you want her to know you need to have sex, start by seducing her earlier this day, or couple of days earlier. Seduce her as much as you want. Imagine what you’d like to experience during sex. You’ll both will be ready to start with intimate game as soon as possible.

2) Try to kiss her as a teenager

Remember when you were teens. You could spend hours kissing on the couch? Where did the excitement gone? If you want to be more intimate, start by giving more love. Love each other crossing your hands all over your bodies. Spend time your time just kissing, and the excitement may grow up.

3) Remove clothes (strip) slowly

You do not need to perform a striptease for each other to enjoy the scene just like in “9 and half weeks” movie. Just enjoy watching each other take off their clothes. You can strip in the bathroom and take a shower together.

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4) Start with massage

How to move from a daily life mode to sex? The simplest way to relieve stress and get a thrill it is to massage each other five to 10 minutes. Massage will relax you both. Massage her neck, upper back, middle back, lower back, until you get to the buttocks – which will cause her great pleasure.


5) Explore every inch

Once you have warmed up your bodies with massage, go to the erogenous zone, exploring every inch of the body of your partner. You can bring your partner to the edge if you approach too close to her most erogenous body parts… Then stop there. Notice how it reacts when you touch it in a prominent position next time you will know what turns her on.

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 6 ) Take turns

It’s a golden rule: Take turns. Try to be the one who is dominant and bring satisfaction to your partner, and then reverse roles .

7 ) Explore what turns her on and off

If you know what your partner turns on, work on it until the last moment, and then move on to something that excites her less and wait for to calm down. Then return to the ” danger zone” . This will prolong sex and you will enjoy more .

8) Breathe

If you focus on your breathing, the better you can relax during sex, and the more you can enjoy. If you feel tense or nervous during sex, take a deep breath to relax.

9 ) Connect emotionally

When you enter into an erogenous zone of your partner, use this moment to connect emotionally. Do not focus only on how to prolong the pleasure, make the effort to make emotional connection. Maintain eye contact and tell her in the middle of sex what do you feel.

10 ) Search for more

If the Partner is tired, and you want more, do not hesitate to tell her You may not be able to have sex immediately, but she will probably is willing to give you pleasure. Maybe it’s better to wait and take a break. Then go to the second round.



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While numerous individuals consider that Penis enlargement traction devices are the number one natural options to increase penis size, but many adult men detest to use or wear gizmos and that is why they check out a simpler and less hassle choice. The void is filled by Penis enlarger products such as VigRX Plus which offer the consumer completely the advantages of penis enhancement and lots more.

The Most important Components
Damiana plus Tribulus have been made use of for 1000′s of years by the Mayans and Europeans respectively to improve sex drive and deal with ED, while Bioperine has been medically proved to safely step up the assimilation rates of the nutrients that it’s combined with.

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Of all the penis enlarger pills you are able stumble on on the market, exceedingly not many work. The decent types of which VigRx is one of them can be without problems distinguished as pointed out in the way to pick men enhancement pills.

To purchase Vigrx Plus herbal penis enhancement pills, you do not need any special prescription from any medical doctors because it’s herbal based pills and there is no risk. You will find review web-sites, boards and certainly the authoritative websites where you may buy the capsules.

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As testimony of the efficiency plus credibility of VigRxPlus, their website contains success stories from the guys who made use of or are still using these tablets including their feed backs.

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Does penis size matter or it is really only how you use it?

Does penis size matter or it is really only how you use it. Doctors say that any penis size in considered normal (except rare cases of “micropenis”) and with any penis size you can have a normal sex life. If your penis size is smaller then average size then special positions during sex can help. If you have a huge “thing” such question like “does penis size matter or it doesn’t” do not bother you – you life is fine and you are happy with it.

But what if you size is not so impressive or even small? It this case the answer for “does penis size matter” would be yes, it does. And it not only matters – it is crucial.

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by Clark Benson.

But solution of this great problem is now available. And not a single one – there are many different ways to enlarge your penis. Special penis surgery can be used but it is complex, expensive and has side effect so it is not so widely spread. There are also penis enhancement pills that are cheaper and easy to use.

They also have their side effects but most of them are manageable. They can also differently interact with food, alcohol and other medications. There is another method that is also easy and has no contraindications – special penis enlargement exercises. These exercise set stretch tissues of penis making it bigger. Different devices like penis pump can be used also to achieve better results.
So what is your answer – does penis size matter or not?

Size is a Serious Issue: The Secret Obsession for Many Men

It’s the nightmare a lot of men do not want to face, but it still burns into their mind constantly – the size of their penis. Seeing as penis size is one of those issues “we don’t talk about” – unless it’s to make a joke no one is supposed to take seriously – there is a lot of confusion.

Why? Because until people begin to open up about the realities of dealing with a small penis, we are all subject to the whims of those who sell products that are supposed to enhance penis size and performance – whether they work or not.

You know your problem and the pain that comes with it, solutions and options that really work are what you need.

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